Hard Stop!

What you do repeatedly turns into a habit: you can terminate the cycle by a number of hard stops before it destroys you! A little bit of science: We have several neurons (brain cells) in our brains, these neurons have dendrites for picking stimuli, they pass these stimuli through their body to the axon end. […]

Love Gives 2

It’s a new week in a new month of love! Isn’t it interesting how much we have come to accept February 14th as a day to celebrate love? Thanks to St. Valentine and the people who decided to remember him and his act of love. Love has many characteristics, and if you read the bible, […]

God Says No to Good…

Do you know those awkward times you wake up very tired and you don’t feel like doing anything? Not like Bruno Mars in The Lazy Song, it was more of being sad. That was how I felt on this fateful morn. You see, I’ve just got a not very palatable news a night before and […]