The Stupid Wise Woman

The basis of this story maybe a little controversial to some people and maybe patronizing to others. It’s all about Femi and his wife Adaora. You see, Femi is my childhood friend. He’s an epitome of smartness; obtained First Class Hons. in Chemical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, a Masters degree from Cranfield and […]

The Wisdom in Your Notes

You know, I was just thinking sometimes ago while making a note of something; “how often do I refer to these notes, especially when they are not work- related? Even when I refer to them, do I take time to really study and use them?” Except you were joking while making those notes, I bet […]

I think you should Ask!

The concept of asking is premised on the facts that you are helpless (either at the time in question or ever) and the person to whom you direct your request is able to help. Without prejudice to our ego and self-confidence, we sometimes do not have what we need because we are: • Too fearful […]

Hard Stop!

What you do repeatedly turns into a habit: you can terminate the cycle by a number of hard stops before it destroys you! A little bit of science: We have several neurons (brain cells) in our brains, these neurons have dendrites for picking stimuli, they pass these stimuli through their body to the axon end. […]

New Year Resolutions ?

I’m very sure you are familiar with this title and for many, you are already making a very long list of do’s and don’ts for 2015. Okay, okay, okay, I have written a lot of new year resolutions in my life; what I cannot really boast of however is the execution of these resolutions. You […]

God Says No to Good…

Do you know those awkward times you wake up very tired and you don’t feel like doing anything? Not like Bruno Mars in The Lazy Song, it was more of being sad. That was how I felt on this fateful morn. You see, I’ve just got a not very palatable news a night before and […]

My Crush on …Linda Ikeji

This is my true confession, I had a crush on…Linda Ikeji the blogger (face covered). Please don’t tell my wife if she hasn’t already seen this. Wait o! Don’t crucify me yet, you’ll get your opportunity to do so later, that’s if you really want to. I mean she’s pretty; was a model, not an […]

What I Learnt from the 7 Star Worker Conference

…So Jimi Tewe, the convener of the 7 Star Worker Conference invited me to be one of the panelists at the event. You can guess what the feeling was, “excitement”. Not only did he put our names on the flyers but he also created customized flyer for each speaker and panelist. I guess you know […]